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Core Values Do Drive Behaviors
"Down" was a word we heard often from one of our clients. Sales are "down"; morale is "down"; customer retention is "down." During our assessments, we saw that processes, management of human resources, and marketing and sales techniques were not aligned. We saw teams and individuals working against themselves. We told our client, "You don't know who you are."

Basic core values must be identified and developed in order to achieve desired results. Every organization must determine "What is unique about this organization and what will drive behaviors?" We guided this client through an in-depth process of defining their unique core values. Then we showed them how to apply these values to all aspects of their business - human resources, operations, marketing, business development and client satisfaction - in order to create and maintain the attitudes and behaviors that will drive positive results.

Results: Enthusiasm at the organization is visible and their new "alignment" has created a clearer roadmap - real strategies - for success.



Superstar or Unemployed?
During one of our follow up coaching sessions, a client expressed frustration because he was having no success launching a new service line. We examined his pricing model, his qualifications, the service need, the ROI and his ability to get in front of decision makers. We were impressed. So what's the problem? We asked our client to give us the presentation he gave to CEOs. Bingo. Here's where he was stuck. His presentation skills were not appropriate for his audience and the presentation itself was too detailed and technical (yawn) - not the right language for busy CEOs! We re-scripted his presentation to be brief, and benefits-oriented.

Results: Immediately, his next two presentations were hits and he sold his product. His success continued and he was able to launch the service line across the nation.



Seminars - Pure Opportunity
As part of an extensive image build up campaign, a client planned to host a series of seminars. Historically, they had realized no business or business leads from their seminars but still believed the seminars were necessary. How could they get unstuck? After a strategy meeting, we uncovered that their seminar plans were only half developed. Seminar logistics (time, place, handouts, nametags, food, etc.) were detailed, the mailing list was appropriate, and the presenters were prominent. However, they had not planned tactics for follow up with attendees. They had also not choreographed the networking that should systematically take place before, during and after the event.

Results: Our client's staff networked admirably throughout the seminar and adhered to the follow up plan they had developed. Many relationships and solid business leads were developed along with new candidates for strategic alliances.


Maybe your organization's unstuck story can be next.


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