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The Unstuck Series


The Unstuck Series

It's not unusual for marketing efforts to have many starts and stops but when being stuck impedes business development, we can help. We share with you some examples of how we got our clients unstuck. Maybe your organization's unstuck series can be next.




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Customer Service to a Fault?
Is it possible to provide too much service? Yes, if it strangles business growth and profitability. This was the situation for one of our clients that offers services and products to a defined industry. Revenues were static and management was not able to clearly understand their potential for new business. They were stuck.

We were invited to provide primary marketing research for our client who needed to make changes in order to grow, yet was uncertain about where to begin. We interviewed current customers as well as selected prospects and gathered candid feedback on the quality of services and products as well as a comparison on how our client stacked up against their competition. Our client believed their strength was where they placed most of their time - customer service. As third-party interviewers, we uncovered information that revealed obstacles to customer satisfaction because of our client's ineffective use of time and resources. We also uncovered a lack of direction and consistency in their marketing tactics as well as several missed opportunities for additional revenues.

Results: We redefined what constitutes outstanding customer service in order to leverage management's time, achieve more credit for their efforts and improve customer impressions. We recommended a variety of communication mechanisms to address customer concerns and needs. Next, we outlined an enhanced marketing and business development plan to set them back on course to achieve their original dream.


Maybe your organization's unstuck story can be next.


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the unstuck series


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