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Here are a few of the organizations served by NewOz.


"If you're serious about growing your business, you need to make NewOz part of your team. Their interview program gave us valuable insight to guide us as we market our company. If you don't know why your customers buy from you, you're just guessing!"
Grasp Creative, Inc.


"After a NewOz member talked to our current and former customers, they combined their expertise with our customers' opinions and produced a valuable report, which has become one of our most important reference manuals. We learned about ourselves, why our customers selected us, what was holding us back and how we can now stand apart from our competition. NewOz gave us the insight and guidance we needed to advance our business."
Donor Strategies, Inc.


"NewOz helped us understand our competition and how we can be more effective in our marketing processes. We also learned about our true strengths and how those strengths are reflected in all of our business activities. We appreciate how much the NewOz representative believes in us and makes herself a part of our team."
The Communication Center /
Susan Peterson Productions, Inc.

"In a very short time, a NewOz representative managed to analyze our various needs in all areas of communications - particularly in the area of internal communications. We value her professional input and recommend you listen to her because we receive great benefit from her comprehensive marketing savvy."
Senior Partner
Marketing Partner
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Hong Kong/Mainland China practice


"We realize the importance of marketplace image and client service as described through our clients' eyes. NewOz interviewed selected focus groups and generated a report with recommendations that critically influenced our business growth strategies."
Managing Partner
Moore Stephens Beene Garter PLC


"NewOz helped us develop a business plan that was critiqued by the analyst at our venture capital firm who rated it the best plan he'd seen."
Chief Financial Officer
"What was valuable to me is that NewOz also scripted and guided us for an important and successful presentation we made to a major corporate strategic partner."


"An outstanding program, and highly recommended. Workshop participants gained the understanding that every professional plays a major role in business development. The motivational methods of instruction used gave participants means to communicate with and engage clients at every opportunity."
Firm Manager
Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Company, L.L.C.


"What impressed me most is that NewOz had the vision of where our company should be, then helped us expand to that vision while being respectful of our budget limits. Our business is really looking good now."
Sales Support Manager
TIA, Designer and Manufacturer of Aircraft Galley Products



"Our business development success relies heavily on the personal skills of our managers; the ability to make effective presentations is a factor in our success. We learned new, personalized approaches to effectively present ourselves to a variety of audiences. It really made a difference."
Manager of Group Marketing Communications
IIT Research Institute


"When our business had its annual retreat, I was concerned that the meeting would be highly charged and of limited value. But with skilled facilitation from NewOz, we were able to focus on honesty and commitment, to bond together as a team, and to accomplish more in one day than any of us dreamed possible."
Power Plant Digital


"I attended one of their workshops on marketing and business development. The excitement among the accountants and advisors was contagious! We learned the skills behind asking the right questions in order to get competitive information that can be used for enhanced client service or for a well-crafted proposal."
Marketing Director



"We learned how important our image and positioning are both inside and outside the Internet and that our materials and messages should be aligned to properly reflect our attitudes, value system and deep credentials. We are now attracting our targeted market."
Principal Founder
Women in Leadership and Learning (WILL)
Shambaugh Leadership Group


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