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Some time ago, a recruiter for one of the large executive search firms interviewed me for a job opportunity. He asked me to consider my life anew on a blank canvas and describe my ideal job. I answered that I wanted to own a company that helped individuals and companies tap into their own natural talents in order to be more successful in building their business.

In spite of my candid answer, I was offered the position but chose instead to build the vision I understood that day - NewOz - a representation of the true power of partnership.

I am a senior-level marketer with strong credentials but that's not why CEOs say they hire my company. They say it's because I'm not - excuse the expression - "artsy-fartsy." They view me as a strong business advisor offering creativity that is grounded in the realities of business management. Ah…nearly 20 years of management and marketing experience within the financial and professional services industries apparently kept my creative side fueled!

Strategy plus execution = results. I believe you must plan, plan, plan, especially for follow up. Time after time, I see significant dollars invested in launching new business lines or in creating product awareness through seminars or trade shows with no plan for follow up - the part where you get the ROI! Consequently, I ensure followup and execution are built into every Business Growth Plan. Without follow up, the plan is not complete. This is not magic, yet the results often seem to be.

When developing the programs to Find and Keep Clients, I realized I often wear several hats for my clients: exciting hats of great detectives, architects and coaches to the more pragmatic hat of trusted advisor. I often create the vision while using market research as a valuable guide. It's my job to co-create, inspire and let my clients own their plans - with all the accountability and recognition that allows. If my client doesn't help build the plan, he/she won't have the passion or energy to execute. I offer the strategic guidance and I coax out the depth of my client's strengths. Together, we create a customized plan of action that includes follow up, accountability, and our coaching to ensure the execution stays on track.

Our business is built around our ability to help clients achieve financial success. Interested?

  • 20 years management, marketing, consulting experience
    • Former Senior Manager and Regional Marketing Consultant with Deloitte & Touche LLP
    • Former manager for two large financial institutions
  • Degree earned: B.A. in Speech and Communications from Louisiana State University
  • Knows where the box is but thinks outside it anyway


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